One significant centre of the research continues to be the University of California at Irvine, where Drs. Gordon Shaw and Fran Rauscher have found that active music making enhances children's mathematics abilities. Shaw is a physicist who discovered the internal working of the human brain works in patterns that resemble constructions that are musical, and he supposes that music could function as secret to understanding brains. Other research supports similar decisions: at McGill University in Canada, researchers discovered that children who take piano lessons demonstrated enhanced general and spatial cognitive growth, and studies at a Miami Veterans Administration hospital suggest that music making may enhance the brain's natural creation of regulatory hormones like melatonin. And most surprisingly, an experiment by Rauscher demonstrated that listening to the initial ten minutes of the Mozart Concerto for Two Pianos in D Major (K. 448) enhanced the listeners' spatial-temporal reasoning!

You are not by yourself in case you never believed you'd get a book on music theory. I never believed I'd write one. In my experience as a teacher, a player, as well as a pupil, I used a variety of ways of studying music theory and have sought for. Some systems were great, most were fine, and a few were poor, but not one of them met me.I've attempted to consider all the positive things about teaching theory, thrown in a lot of the tricks I Have used with numerous pupils, and pitched in a little comedy, in a attempt to create learning music theory both simpler and much more pleasurable. Ideas as well as these strategies have functioned nicely with all pupils of sizes. I expect they will do the job also.

Elementary Music Theory is the opening to some other language--the generally unfamiliar and abundant language of music. From the full time you have finished in this novel, you will have made huge steps down the road toward understanding the best way to read music. With this language you will have the ability to copy sounds from almost a thousand years back by someone like Guillame de Machaut. With this same language it is possible to play with music by Garth Brooks, or someone like Dave Matthews, or Limp Bizkit, or Alannis Morisette. Name your favourite musician. You will have the ability to comprehend and interpret it, if it is written down!

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